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This exercise was a quick three day project that PROJECTiONE undertook in order to graphically represent our research in New York. Since most of our research took the form of interviews we thought it appropriate to represent the emotion or experience of the events. We intended these vignettes to express the language or character of the individuals interviewed. A series of photographs were taken throughout the interview in order to capture this. Presented alongside was a quote pulled from the interview that highlighted a unique viewpoint of the individual, providing an introduction to our process and the firms we visited.

This small project looks at a growing focus within our group, highlighting one aspect of design and fabrication that is important to us. We framed many of our questions around the integration of analog and digital tools and we thought it appropriate to combine them for this representation. Drawing from the ideas of old pen plotters and drafting techniques, we developed an accurate system, using a 3-axis CNC router and a set of drafting and art pens that would draw abstracted versions of each individual. The files were created through a transition from Photoshop to Illustrator to Rhino to Mastercam, using this software to create the pocket configurations filling each hatched area. Through rigorous tests and failures we refined a process and toolset that could provide consistent results. This consistency would be nearly impossible to accomplish by hand, yet the results retain the qualities of the hand and the tools used. While this process is not nearly as efficient as printing off a series of images, the results turned out to be much more interesting.