Spot on Schools Exhibition

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As part of the ninth edition of the BEYOND MEDIA festival hosted by Image in Florence, Italy, the SPOT ON SCHOOLS exhibition explored the didactics in the field of architectural design and of the new media of communication, while focusing on the most recent development of the use of digital technologies for design research in the field of education.

The Institute for Digital Fabrication was invited to show work at SPOT ON SCHOOLS on the mezzanine in the Stazione Leopolda. Three projects were included: Morpholuminescence, Bodhi Tree, and Veneer Luminaires. The exhibition design/fabrication team was comprised of the members of PROJECTiONE. The exhibit took five, twelve hour days to install, remained up for about a week and was disassembled in three hours.

Comprised of hundreds of custom laser-cut petals, stems, and hinges, Morpholuminescence was transported in checked luggage and shipped in pieces, fully arriving one day prior to the opening (three days were scheduled for its installation). A large custom clamp was designed and fabricated to hold the 75+lb project from the existing structure at the Stazione. The tricolor LEDs were adjusted to compliment the natural tones of the other two projects displayed.

Assembled and compositionally designed completely on-site, this version of Bodhi Tree required laser cutting of over 10,000 components from hardwood veneer. The system was customized for this exhibit by increasing the overall size of the veneer component to decrease installation time, and reversing the two types of wood for a different effect. A monofilament net was used as a structural system to allow for precise hanging of the piece.

The Luminaires were also constructed on-site from hardwood veneer along with lightweight acrylic armatures and fluorescent lighting. This luminaire design was specifically derived from the lighting system used and was arranged to create a field in balance with the other projects. Three variations of size were constructed to highlight the variability in the parametric system.