This proposal was created for Morrow’s Meadow, a park in Yorktown Indiana

At first glance Morrow’s Meadow seems perfectly suitable for sizeable outdoor gatherings and festivals, with its wide-open fields and large shelters. There are paths that wind around the extensive park with playgrounds, picnic tables, and benches. It isn’t until one travels a little deeper that the natural beauty of the place is discovered. The White River and Buck Creek converge surrounding the park, while a large tree canopy provides shade to those walking on the paths. This proposal seeks to highlight the more picturesque aspects of the park.

Naturally occurring landforms often attract people as a gathering place to experience the surrounding environment. Similarly, landshift looks to provide a platform for interacting with the park and other users. It is intended to appear as if it had grown out of the landscape due to shifting tectonic plates. While it does not have specific programmed uses, it allows users to determine where and how they would like to interact with it, similar to natural rock formations found in other parks. Unlike the traditional bench or picnic table, landshift will bring people together that may not otherwise connect with each other. It has been designed with proportions of seating in mind, but allows for flexibility so it can be suitable for a quiet picnic for two as easily as a group of playing kids.

It will be situated just before the water converges for multiple views down the river, and close enough to be visible from the road and parking. The highest platform sits just over six feet tall, which is intended to draw users out of their cars and off of the main path. Two types of reclaimed lumber make up the surface with an underlying structural frame. The aged look and feel of the wood will provide some history to the piece to strengthen the idea that it had existed for generations. Areas that may be more suitable for seating and walking are distinguished by using a different species of wood and a more refined finish. The footprint of the project is roughly 38’ x 21’ and placed on a permanent concrete pad. The wood panels will be sealed to resist weathering so that minimal maintenance is required, similar to a traditional deck. Depending on feasibility, external lighting could be added to highlight the project at night.

This installation will provide a new aspect of Morrow’s Meadow for users to experience, while emphasizing the natural beauty that exists. It is intended to draw new visitors to Yorktown and provide a destination for discovery.