Hoosier Topo

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Hoosier Topo is a fabrication commission we received from wPurpose, an urban and public design collaborative. The project involved the creation of an all Hoosier themed, craft beer, bar- The Tomlinson Tap Room. Our charge was to take topological information from Indiana maps and create a master graphic that would be milled into repurposed, old growth wood. This graphic is part of a larger set of wood that wraps the beer cooler near the bar. Milling into the wood highlights its aged skin by revealing untouched interior. The subtle contours of the state, along with its major rivers add a gentle texture to the wood.

Once a digital model was created from our maps, the file was split into each individual board. By milling boards individually we could ensure that each part would stay secure to the bed via metal straps and that if any flaws in the wood’s integrity occurred, the entire piece would not be ruined.

You can visit this great bar in Downtown Indianapolis’s City Market on the mezzanine level.