HINGE Proposal


PROJECTiONE was invited to put together an interactive art proposal for the Fletcher Arts Building, a new mixed-use building at 719 Virginia Avenue along the forthcoming Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The building will include 57 modern apartment units and 7,000 square feet of commercial storefront space, and is currently under construction. The project was designed by Blackline Studio, a firm located in Fountain Square, in partnership with Level Interiors.

Below are a few initial concept images and narrative of our proposal.

Fountain Square is an eclectic mash-up of arts and cultures. Fletcher Arts, being the last building before crossing into the district from Downtown, becomes a transition to this remix. Our intention is to take the sounds of this transition and explore their potentials both physically and digitally. Through the use of outdoor microphones, we aim to read frequencies in the area; low rumbles of large trucks, passers by, sirens, etc. Through the segregation of these sounds we are creating a large-scale spin-off of an equalizer. As different pitches are recognized, lights will chase down horizontal woven channels. These channels signify the collective vibe that is Fountain Square.