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This prototype was developed for a private client in Muncie, IN as a defining wall element in their main living space. It connects digital design and fabrication with traditional woodworking and finishing techniques. The intention is to have multiple levels of interest in the piece, scaling from the overall flowing form down to variations in grain and color of each piece of wood.

Rather than bending the wood to create the height variation, which would produce a consistent grain pattern, we chose to machine each piece out of solid one inch thick piece of cherry. Machining them on their side exposed many variations in the piece as the curves shift between end and edge grain and allowed for over three inches of height variation. An extra chamfer detail was added to thin the components relative to their distance from the wall to add transparency. Post processing was a very important part of the project in order to produce the traditional qualities desired and took nearly four times longer than the machining process. Each part was machine sanded, polished, chemically aged, and sealed. They were installed individually into preset tracks mounted to the wall, allowing for the piece to be installed upside down or mirrored and exposing the existing wall beyond.