Cornerstone Proposal


This proposal was developed for Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie, IN examining a few key concepts regarding the history of the site, the new functions of the facility, and movement of traffic through the city. Weaving these concepts into a cohesive 3D element, it could act as a new gateway into downtown from the east and help to further recognize that the Midwest, and specifically Cornerstone, is invested in a culture of creativity.

We recognize that this site is heavily dominated by vehicles, and as it is raised two feet above the sidewalk, is not directly accessible to pedestrians. We have sited the piece in a way that it is engaged by drivers approaching from all three sides of the intersection, and have stretched it out linearly to evoke movement along Madison St. towards Cornerstone. Additionally, we focused on the historical building and the new functions that is serves. This is highlighted in the project through the use of a traditional building component in a way it was never intended to be used. We have designed around autoclaved aerated concrete as a base material. AAC has numerous benefits for our application, including lightness, durability, and machinability. Using parametric software and CNC equipment we will be able to create a dynamic form out of these standardized blocks. Our intention is that while the material may be easily understood, the techniques of assembly, form, and manufacturing will be challenging to viewers, engaging a new audience in Muncie.

Further design development may potentially lead to incorporating lighting (both front and rear) and the addition of colored components. This could dramatically change how the piece is viewed at night.