Business Cards

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These business cards were designed to represent what PROJECTiONE is about and stand out as something different among a wallet of others. We recognize that many of our projects find meaning within their design/fabrication processes as much as in their final state; we intended to take on these cards as a project with a similar mindset. The cards uniquely combine a very precise digital process with a learned analog system [vacuum forming] producing highly individualized outcomes. While each one retains the precision of laser-cut mat board molds, slight variations within each card references the human involvement in the process.

We used a jig on a small vacuum former with a series of mirror-image rastered mat board molds to form the material. Some of the mat board texture transfers over, giving the material a paper-like appearance with a completely non-paper feel, which was unexpected. However the cards do accomplish an original intent: imprinting PROJECTiONE’s information on other business cards.